Saturday, May 7, 2016

Is this Prince son ? You be the Judge ...WTF

His son's name is Jordan he was named after the Jordan River. He is A singer that goes by the Artist Name Capriccio Caesar. Sounds like A normal enough name given who his father is.
Prince has always been weird, odd & very Mysterious. But the details of how he kept his son A secret from the world is about to show you how odd  and mysterious the world of Prince really is. 
Here is A sample of his work. This song is called Lean. He sounds like A New updated version of his father.
There is A New hope for Prince legacy to live on outside his music. Word has got out that the Purple Rain singer Prince has A son, that he has been hiding from the world. The Purple one (Prince) has always been A very secretive person. 

Witchy sez :  You be the judge ... if indeed Jordan is  Prince's son , he will inherited it all . ... oh how the plot thickens ...HeHe

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