Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Daily News mourns the death of the Republican Party, 'killed by epidemic of Trump'

 Business Insider             BRYAN LOGAN       reporting 
Following Donald Trump's primary win in Indiana on Tuesday, some are already sounding the death knell for the Republican Party. Among them was the New York Daily News, which featured a mock up of the GOP's mascot, apparently dead and resting in a casket, on its Wednesday cover.

"Dearly beloved, we are gather here today to mourn the GOP, a once-great political party, killed by epidemic of Trump," the cover reads.

Witchy  sez :
What a rude awakening for the  republicans to realize  their  clown is  still there  . 
Did the Republican party realize  when there is a problem , you can't hide your head in  shell like a turtle ... you have to nip it in the bud   or it  will get bigger ...HMmmmmmm  make you  think of  trump  .... HeHe


  1. So funny but so true. They have screwed themselves. He ran over his own party like a steamroller. They did not know how to stop him.
    Loved it

  2. I couldn't resist it ... Abe sent it to me ... I told him to go to Poppa's and have lunch on me . Trump do have small hands to be 6'3" , he should have large hands and wear a size 12 shoe at least .
    Most republicans are a little silly as Jenny call grown-ups hahahaha .

    I am glad you like the feature post on the sidebar . you can put more than one up .