Sunday, May 22, 2016

[UPDATE] Prince might have died hours before he was found

May 22nd 2016 
Music legend Prince could've been dead for hours before he was found, according to a new report from the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

The report claims a paramedic who responded to the scene told people Prince was likely dead "for at least six hours." Staff found the music icon unresponsive in an elevator in his Paisley Park compound on April 21.

The Star Tribune, which cites unnamed sources, also claims Prince got an IV at a local hospital the day before he died. However, it's unclear why.

Just one week before he died, a private plane carrying Prince made an emergency landing in Moline, Illinois. According to his representative, the singer hadn't been feeling well during his concert in Atlanta and felt worse once he got on the plane. At the time, the rep said Prince had been battling the flu.
Multiple reports have claimed the singer had an addiction to opioids or painkillers. The Tribune previously reported a local family practitioner had been treating the singer for opioid withdrawal in the weeks leading up to his death.

According to an affidavit from the local sheriff's office, that local doctor showed up at the musicians house to drop off test results just as he was pronounced dead.

An attorney representing a California pain and addiction specialist has said Prince's staff also reached out to the doctor for help the day before the singer died. The doctor was unable to clear his schedule for the next day, so he sent his son to explain treatment options to the 57-year-old. That son is reportedly who called 911.

Authorities haven't yet announced an official cause of death.

Stay tune for Prince's mini biography :


  1. I hope the poor guy didn't suffer much. He may have been alive for hours and not had the strength to reach the buttons. But surely if he had his cell phone he would have called 911. What a horrible way to die, trapped, alone in an elevator and the last thing he saw in his life were the four walls of a box.
    I wonder if he is laughing at all the fools scrabbling for his money.
    Love PIC

  2. Prince was alone ... I was surprise to know the doctor's son found him ... what a sad way to go . It's being said , Prince didn't have long to live because of the AIDS virus , he knew about it since the 90s . where was his leeching family ?
    Love PIC

  3. They say Prince was addicted to opioids and was seeking treatment for addiction. They say he was having opioid withdrawals...if this is the case, then that means Prince's hip pain was magically cured and he no longer needed the pain meds. This doesn't make sense. It was publicly stated that Prince was in pain from his hip injuries. Did his pain go away? If so how?? As far as i have read, Prince was in severe pain up til the day he died. Why would a person in excruciating hip pain need or want to stop taking their pain medications?? Only people who DON'T need pain meds yet take them are truly abusing pain meds. The supposed facts are: Prince was in severe pain til the day he died, yet was being denied pain meds from his doctor so he turned to street drugs, yet was supposedly seeking help from an opioid addiction specialist?? None of this makes any sense and I call BS on it all. If Prince was in pain, he would NOT have be seeking help to stop the pain meds he needed to have some quality of life. Also, if Prince was in severe pain while taking opioids, that means he was NOT an addict, it means he was DEPENDENT on the pain meds to help reduce his pain (just like a diabetic is dependent on insulin) and to help increase his quality of life. There is a HUGE difference between addiction and dependence!! People need to understand this! There needs to be more awareness of this topic.