Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Daniel Radcliffe looks just like this old lady

 Nothing like an amazing celebrity doppelgänger to force you to do a double-take!

Daniel Radcliffe appeared on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on Monday night, and he discovered an incredibly unlikely look-alike for himself in the form of an old painting of a grandma.

Fallon and Radcliffe were going through antique photos that bare near-creepy similarities to themselves, most of which each of them had seen before. But when Fallon brought out a particular photo of an old lady that resembles the "Harry Potter" star, Radcliffe completely freaked out.

"What is it about me that I look like so many stern old ladies?" Radcliffe joked to after seeing the photo.

Fallon continued to show Radcliffe pictures of older women who look a lot like him, continuing to blow his mind.


  1. That is so funny! What fun! Geez Louise,
    She really does look like him.
    Luv PIC

  2. Dad said come quick Nee , got you a post ... the kids love Harry Potter , Dad said post it .... Daniel was on Jimmy Fallon Monday night .
    Love PIC