Monday, June 20, 2016

The Roving Reporter : Louisiana twins found dead inside 3-year-old hot pickup truck

Police are investigating the heat deaths of a little boy and his twin sister. The toddlers were found inside a pickup truck outside their home in Bossier City Saturday afternoon.

KTBS reports that the twins' mother called neighbors looking for her children before discovering them in the truck.

No word on how the twins managed to climb inside the truck and close the door.

Authorities said they easily could have been inside for two hours.

The children's father was not home at the time. KTBS reports that he is a Bossier Parish sheriff`s deputy.

RIP  little angels .

Friends  this is a terrible shock ,they  live  across the river  from us .  My heart goes out to them .

The Roving Reporter                  G.

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