Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Happy Birthday Mama

Mama  It’s hard to find the words to say
How much you mean to  us
If it wasn’t for your love and care
I don’t know where  we'll  be.

How did you do it all, Mama?
A chauffeur, cook and friend
Yet find time to play with us
We  just cannot comprehend.

“Mama” is a simple word
But the meaning of it’s seldom heard
For everything we are  today
Our  Mama’s love showed us  the way.

Nobody’s equal to you, Mama
With you in our lives ,  we've  blessed
We love you so, and we  want you to know
We  think you’re the very best.

Words cannot say how we  love you
Please know that we’ll always be there for you too
Mama  and  just how much we  owe
In the high times and the low.

We may not shower you  with praise
Nor mention your  name in song
And sometimes it seems that we forget
The joy you  spreads as   you  goes along.

But it doesn’t mean that we don’t know
The wonderful example you  has shown
And way down deep in our  hearts
There’s a place just for Mama , alone.

Happy Birthday  Mama
Jonny  ,  Sha  , Jenny  , Man  Carano


  1. Jonny , Sha , Jenny , Man,
    Thank you , thank you , my beautiful babies , oh how I love all you , there is not enough sand on a beach .
    You all are so precious to me and a gift made from your daddy and my love and pleasure , when I look at each of you, there are no words needed , I can feel and see the love you have for me .
    I am blessed to be your mama my precious angels .

    PS: Your dadddy said everyone wrote down what they wanted to say and asked him to put it in a poem ... he did a great job . Mama

  2. Jonny , Sha , Jenny , ManJun 24, 2016, 12:30:00 PM

    Mama we love you so much , you are always there for us .
    Daddy said to pack your panties , we are going to check out the new properties the one in Pennsylvania will be our last stop . He said we will meet and greet .
    We love you mama .
    Wrote by Sha