Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Roving Reporter : Police say they found a man living with 12 girls, 1 'gifted' to him

June 19th 2016 On Thursday, police outside Philadelphia found a 51-year-old man living with 12 girls ranging in age from 6 months to 18 years old.
The man, Lee Kaplan, now faces a multitude of charges including statutory sexual assault.

Investigators say Kaplan fathered a 3-year-old and a 6-month-old with the now 18-year-old. That young woman came into Kaplan's home after her parents reportedly "gifted" her to Kaplan.

Police say the 18-year-old's parents, Daniel and Savilla Stoltzfus, gave their daughter to Kaplan after he helped them with their financial problems. They have been charged with endangering the welfare of children. Daniel Stoltzfus is also charged with criminal conspiracy and statutory sexual assault. reports the local district attorney said Kaplan had "brainwashed" the Stoltzfuses. 

The couple reportedly told police they're the parents of the nine other children found in Kaplan's home.

However, local media reports that authorities are struggling to confirm the identify of the girls because they can't find their birth certificates or social security cards. Investigators say they believe the girls are Amish.
"They were living down in the basement, they were hiding in the chicken coop," Lower Southampton Public Safety Director Robert Hoopes said.

A neighbor who was suspicious told KYW-TV she called the state's child abuse hotline.

"It was just an instinct. Like, I just felt like I wasn't going through another summer where everybody should be outside kinda thing and not see those little girls again," said Jen Betz, the neighbor who made the call. 

WPVI reports previous calls were made to police about Kaplan's home, but the authorities never had enough evidence to enter the property because none of the complaints were for child abuse. 
All three adults are each being held on $1 million bail.

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  1. Dad ,
    Our authorities were monitoring the Orlando killer for months and since they couldn't find anything they quit watching him. Now this perverse pedophile in PA living with a bunch of kids in some basement and though the authorities were called several times "they couldn´t find any evidence of wrong-doing". Things in this country are appalling and getting worse.
    Another example of our liberal progressive valueless society.

    Since when do Amish give their kids away to non Amish? Or give them away at all? "BS," more to this story and theres gonna be others involved.

    A lot of the crap isn't "in the book". They "make" it be in the book. They can manipulate it to suit whatever purpose or agenda they have. They have been doing so for over two thousand years. They've taken words and phrases out of books, they've added to it, interpreted it, manipulated it, and translated it to serve whatever purpose they want at the time. Want the right to march through villages murdering every man, woman and child for the "sin" of refusing to covert? Find it in that handy, dandy Bible. Want the right to hang women? Accuse them of witchcraft and find the "right" right there in that Bible. Want the right to molest your little sisters and walk away with no retribution? Pull out that good old Bible and hold it high. 'ALL' things are possible with your Bible.

    A concern father's humble opinion

    1. Thank you my son for putting your views so elegantly . I do so value your opinion .
      There are verses in the bible that you can twist to suit your needs , to name one is the Jim Jones cult .
      I am very thankful each day , your dear mother and I raised you with loving values and you are passing it down to your kids .
      Your loving father
      PS: Thanks for a wonderful Father's Day .