Tuesday, October 11, 2016

8 Things only Girls with Southern Accents Understand

By   Katherine Owen
There are certain experiences  that only growing up in the south can provide .

There are certain sounds that are distinctly Southern , like the hum of Cicadas or the rumble of hot thunder  every afternoon in the summer .But by far , the most district  auditory clue , the South's calling card of sorts , is the melodic sound of a true Southern accent . Not all accents are alike , but enough sweetness  carries over from Appalachian to Alabama  to east Texas  to tie them all together  making a certain Southern way of speaking . And a Southern drawl doesn't go unnoticed ... if someone ever stopped  you in mid-sentence  , or insists you say "y"all one more time  , you might  can relate . Here  are 8 things only girls with southern accents will understand .

"Cute , Strong , Funny , Subtle , Strange ....

2 . You experience  two instances where  it genuinely get stronger . 
1 . You're constantly being told your accent is or is not ______!(More  often than not these situations are one and the same .) One , when you're angry , and two , when you are around family .

3 . You dare not travel  without  your accent  . In fact you may even need to play it up when you cross the Southern border , just to avoid all those  "......but where's your accent  ?" or "It's just not  as strong as expected  ..." Don't want to let anyone down .

4 . You seem to have  a lot more luck getting what you want  than your friends not blessed  with such a persuasive , genteel drawl .

5 . You've driven crazy by a poorly executed fake Southern accent .

6 . You should prepare for the entire  conversation to derailed if you say y'all in front of a crowd  not from the south .

7 . You have  a way of glazing over the harshest of criticisms . No comment is too pretty to be sweetened up with a southern accent .

8 . You know there's no "one" Southern accent . Those cousins of yours out in east Tennessee might not sound  like  the kin to your momma's family in southern Mississippi . But you'd take any one of these  many Southern accents  over any other variety , any  day .

Stay tune ... More posts on how we do it Southern style .


  1. I enjoyed this post. Please do more like it.
    Great job
    Luv PIC

  2. Hahaha! I knew you would get a kick out this post and ask Nana did she know any of them .
    Well my friend , there will be more , keep a watch out for one later today , going to post it now and I do so have more that I will be posting .Thank you
    Love PIC