Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Out of thr Mouths of Babes , Video to PM Theresa May on the Homeless

Listen  , we all can learn something  from our kids if  we only listen  not only with our  ears ... but also our hearts .
She is adorable .


  1. Wow! She is awesome. I love her. She is five going on forty. She has an amazing comprehension of the situation. We need more angry five year olds. The adults don't seem to get much done.
    love PIC

    1. I love this kid ... She's going to be a force to be reckon with .
      I was so happy the kids found this video for me .
      I called a lot of people to watch her .
      Now they will know we didn't coach Jenny.

      A lot of adults I know like working behind the scenes . Some get stage fright when speaking in public .
      Love PIC