Thursday, October 6, 2016

Republicans who won't vote for Donald Trump

By Nicole Brown
Donald trump became the republican Presidential nominee in early May  and secured  the number of delegates needed to clinch  the nomination on May 26 , 2016 , according to the Associated Press delegate count.
Since he became the last republican in the race , some members  of the GOP have said  they still can't support him .
Here are some of the top leaders  of the party who are seriously  conflicted about  this year's elections .
                                        Jed Bush 
"In November , I will not vote  for Donald Trump  or Hillary Clinton , but I will support  principled  conservative at the state  and federal levels , just as I have  done my entire  life," Jed Bush said  in a Facebook post."
                      George W. Bush & George H. W. Bush
"President Bush  does not plan to participate in or comment on the president campaign," a spokesman said , "At age 91 , President Bush is retired  from politics . He naturally  did a few things to help Jed , but those was the exception that proved the role."
                                          John Kasich
Ohio Governor John Kasich couldn't comment  to voting  for the GOP nominee , "I'm not making any final decision yet , but at this point , I just can't do it  (vote for Trump) he said in June on MSNBC's "Morning Joe."
                                              Bill Kristol
Bill Kristol , the founder and editor of the conservative magazine "The Weekly Standard." He cannot vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton . He said  hr would normally encourage  people  to support  an independent , but this year , he is working  to find  a third party  candidate  to run in the election . "It was wrong to nominee Donald Trump ," he wrote .
                                          Mitt Romney
While he haven't come out  to say he won't ultimately vote for Trump  , he is choosing  not to use his position  as a delegate  this year .He also met with Bill Kristol  about his  p;an to  get an independent candidate  into the general election .
                              Nebraska  Senator  Ben Sasse
Senator Ben Sasse wrote a long Facebook Post condemning both Donald trump and Hillary Clinton  and encouraging  Americans to consider  a Third Party  candidate.
"Why are we confined to these two terrible options ?" he asked . "This is  America . If both choices  stink , we reject them  and go bigger . That's what we do ."

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