Tuesday, October 11, 2016

President Obama on Tonald Trump

President Obama rips Donald Trump for demeaning & degrading women ...October 9 , 2016.
President Obama goes into full 'Snark' mode over Trump : 
Really ?         This Guy ?
You better listen  at what President Obama is saying . Trump wants your vote , If Trump  win the White House  he will  need you no longer , have you so quickly forgotten about  what he  told  his manager  at his  golf course ... get rid of all the ugly women  , he didn't want them working there .

If you apply for a job at 'HOOTERS'  all you need is a big pair of 'BOOBS' , that's what the people will be looking at  not how pretty you are . 

Did you know  the President  could  enforce marital law if Trump wins the White House  and  that may be what will happen  and  Obama will have a 3rd term in office ...it's on the books folks and he may have to  to save us from  a dictator  so we can continue to live in a free  naton .  Y'all  "THINK  about IT."   HUH ???  
Put that on and  try it for size . HeHe


  1. Liked this post and borrowed your ideas. Give me more stuff to steal. hahahaha!
    Go to WAG
    Luv PIC

  2. Glad you like the post ... it's always good to give different points of view that end in the same way ... I don't consider it stealing ... remember we are in this together.. Your posts was great .
    I will leave you a note tomorrow , got people coming in tonight .
    Love PIC