Saturday, April 8, 2017

Happy Birthday Jenny

Teenage can be the
 best or worst phase of your life 
depending on what you make of it 
we believe you'll be a winner for life 
Beautiful Diva
Wearing makeup and pearls 
put your party dress on 
and show off your twirls
You are 13 today
So you are in for more whirls 
But you'll surely have FUN
When you are wearing your  curls.
Have an outstanding 13th birthday 
Daddy , Mama , Poppa
Jonny , Sha , Man Carano


  1. Hello my wonderful family ,
    I made it and I am so happy to be a teenager and I can keep up with my big sister .Maybe she will stop bossing me so much now that I am a teenager like her .
    I was raised to be a winner and I will always be as beautiful on the inside as I am on the outside like my mama.
    Yes , I will have fun , I am thankful I have you daddy and mama to catch me when I stumble and keep me from falling .
    I will never forget the way I am raised and to always be respectful of others , but to let them know I am no push over and stand my ground .
    I will try and make this the very best phase of my life because I have some great teacher in my family like you mama and MeMa .
    To my sister and brothers , I am glad you three belong to me .

    I am your Beautiful Dive .
    I love you guys to pieces .

  2. Hello my darling baby girl,
    Daddy and I was so happy to know we made such a lovely young lady .
    I was so proud to see my two girls growing up together and I do so think you was Sha's favorite toy . I think back at the tricks you girls pulled on your daddy . Your brothers love you and will always be there for you .

    I think everyone got a kick out of you and Sha ... she left your daddy's office and went exploring while he attended to you ... woe and behold Sha was gone , he went after her and left you on the potty ... you came out the officee like a bat out of hell looked to see where your daddy was and you went the other way ... a man in the lobby said there go another one and she has her drawers in her hand . Anita said she couldn't help him her side was hurting from laughing . Those are good memories my baby girl .
    So my baby girl I wish you the best of happiness ... your daddy and I will be here to guide you on your way into lady hood .
    Yes you are our beautiful Diva and we are so very proud you .
    Love you very much ...
    Mama /Daddy and the rest of the gang.