Monday, April 10, 2017

US missile strike against Syria being questioned by some Iraq war veterans

April  10th  2017 
President Trump's decision to bomb a Syrian airfield with 59 missiles Thursday night is being questioned by some U.S. veterans who had previously been deployed to the Middle East.

One criticism revolves around a seeming lack of a clear end goal; for example, Evan McAllister, a Marine scout and sniper who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, told the website LifeZette, "The foreign policy I was ultimately hoping for is one that abides by the belief that nation building, mission creep, and counterinsurgency without a clear end-state are horrible courses of action...our military simply doesn't exist for that purpose."

Meanwhile, Democratic Representative Seth Moulton, also an Iraq War veteran, said on CNN Friday, "We don't really know what we're fighting for in Syria. And, fundamentally, that's just not fair to our troops."
He echoed this thought in a joint statement made with fellow veteran, Republican Representative Steve Russell, which read, in part, "We cannot stand by in silence as dictators murder children with chemical weapons. But military action without clear goals and objectives gets us nowhere."

Another Iraq War veteran, Michael Patterson of Alaska, is, in fact, planning to protest over Trump's action, telling KTVA, "The United States government escalating the conflict in Syria is not helping the Syrian people. I mean this is the same administration that I believe twice now has tried to ban Syrian refugees from coming into the United States."

However, other veterans like Senator John McCain have voiced their support for Trump's action in Syria, notes TIME.

The bombing was in response to a chemical attack on Tuesday which is said to have killed dozens of people including more than 20 children.

President Trump has since applauded the U.S. service people involved in the mission, tweeting Saturday, "Congratulations to our great military men and women for representing the United States, and the world, so well in the Syria attack."
kilgore  2h
I am glad to see some veterans speaking the truth and asking tough questions about the US involvement in Syria. Trump needs to declare victory throughout the Middle East and bring the troops home. The countries in the Middle East need to solve their own problems. The longer the US stays, the further it gets bogged down in the quagmire.
They all make sense. The attack against Syria has nothing to do with smart strategy or long term plan. It was a ploy to turn attention away from Donald's other problems. We all know that leaders bomb something or someone when they need to boost their falling poll numbers at home. Assad has been killing his people for long time. He has been blowing them to pieces by barrel bombs.  All of a sudden Donald feels sorry for them now? His low approval rates needed a boost that is ALL he cares about.
I think that about sums it up !!

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