Monday, April 17, 2017


Prince's death scene was riddled with pills strewn around his home ... this according to search warrants just released by Minnesota authorities.
According to new docs, law enforcement found Ziploc bags with pills as well as envelopes containing pills.
The docs bear out what TMZ has reported ... Prince's bodyguard was the person who went to a Walgreens pharmacy the day preceding the singer's death to fill prescriptions, including Percocet.
And, Prince used an alias -- Peter Bravestrong -- and cops found a suitcase with that name that contained pill bottles along with the lyrics for the song, "U Got the Look."
The main doctor who was treating Prince -- Dr. Michael Schulenberg -- admitted to a detective he had prescribed Prince Oxycodone the same day Prince OD'd on a jet -- 6 days before he died. The doctor put the Rx in Prince's bodyguard's name.
Prince would regularly get B12 injections before his concerts to feel better and they were set up through his managers.
And this is interesting ... Prince didn't use a cellphone ... apparently because he was once hacked and didn't trust it. His communications were through emails and landlines.
As we reported ... Prince died of an overdose of the powerful painkiller Fentanyl.


  1. It was a pretty flimsy cover-up when they said he had the flu six days before he died. Everyone knew or guessed what happened. Not many realized how extreme his drug use was or how many dangerous drugs he was mixing together. His doctors should be in jail. They are responsible. All idols seem to tragically follow the same patterns. I wish I knew why.
    Love PIC

  2. Yes , very flimsy indeed .I asked Abe and he said that they use many different doctors that's refers by friends or can be bought with money ... they need the painkillers to ease the pain and to stay on top ... they don't want their fans to know they are not king of the hill.
    Dad says it's not like the regular person when we hurt we don't care who knows Hahahaha!!!
    I forgot to tell you to go to WAG yesterday
    Love PIC