Monday, December 7, 2015


Update on the name game; Unto us is born a 'SAINT'

For the love of all things holy… Kim Kardashian and Kanye West just announced their baby boy’s name and it’s 'Saint'. 

The announcement, made on Kim’s app included these emojis of her fam also including daughter North West.
Kim and Kanye, who decided not to go with a compass direction this time around, aren’t the first celebrities to give their kid the name. Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy welcomed a Saint in 2014. Selma Blair used it for a middle name for her son, Arthur Saint. However, seeing as Kanye goes by Yeezus makes the fact that he is now father to Saint even more delightfully ridiculous.
Another funny thing about the name? Kim’s ex Reggie Bush played for the New Orleans Saints back when they were dating. We were expecting maybe 'EAST WEST' or 'KIMYE'.  Whatever happened to Robert , Paul, Christopher and every other sensible, traditional name?  Kids are currently named after fruit and compass points and are granted sainthoods before they are potty trained. I just hope the next one isn't 'SANTA CLAUS'.

Kim Kardashian's baby boy arrived with one big complication that has her calling the birth the "most painful experience ever."

Our Kardashian sources tell us the still nameless kid took a really long time to make his debut because Kim had something called placenta accreta. As we've reported ... it's a condition where the placenta grows too deeply into the uterus.

We're told the issue made the birth more difficult -- doctors needed 2 extra hours to deal with the placenta issues. Still, Kim managed to have a natural birth, instead of a c-section ... which is often recommended in such cases.

Kim's recovering from what she's calling a "very painful" experience, but we're told the ordeal's taken its toll on her appetite. No cravings ... just a lot of hospital oatmeal.

That's one way to drop the baby weight.


  1. Hahaha!
    Thank you PIC ... this is just what this post needed . Kanya looks like a baboon that just got his face half shaved.
    What awful names to stick kids with [North / Saint] I pity those kids when they start school .
    Love PIC

  2. So do I PIC,
    Poor little things. The only thing those names are good for are rap singers.
    Next year they will probably be naming their kids after vegetables and cereal, like Turnip and Captain Crunch...HA!