Friday, December 18, 2015

Liz turns up heat with her Christmas card

Hurley decided to turn up the temperature this Christmas. [Photo: Instagram/Elizabeth Hurley]

Liz Hurley is certainly going to make an impression with her 2015 Christmas card. The actress has put her own (seductive) spin on the seasonal tradition by stripping down to a bikini. Naturally, the metallic two-piece is one of her own designs – you can’t say the 50-year-old isn’t her own best advertiser.
While it’s more conventional for people to don their novelty knits for their Christmas cards, you can’t blame Hurley for wanting to show off her incredible body. While she may’ve tweaked the photo slightly (we somehow doubt Hurley actually posed for the shot while knee-high in snow and surrounded by a pack of wolves) there’s no denying just how phenomenal her body is.

The actress is more than happy to self-promote her swimwear line. And who can blame her?

It’s not the first time the famous mum’s stripped off for the camera. While on holiday with her son Damien in October, she shared a number of enviable bikini photos in an attempt to promote her swimwear collection. She may be 50, but the actress proves there is never a cut-off age for donning a bikini.

Elizabeth Hurley’s Christmas card is a tad different to the Duchess of Cambridge’s, which Kensington Palace shared on social media this morning. [Photo: Instagram/Kensington Palace


  1. Oh yes , at 50 , looking good girl .
    But there is a cut off point for bikinis , some women shouldn't wear a bikini no matter what the age , if you get my drift .
    Maybe you should send Kate a couple pair of the bikini bottoms , I heard she was showing her butt in very cold weather Hahahaha ... to each their own.
    Sorry Elizabeth ... I prefer the Duchess of Cambridge's Xmas card . More family oriented .
    Good Post
    Love PIC

    PS : Dad said he left you a comment on Maxy , Gil said the boys left you one on FTBB .

  2. Thanks LUV. I answered the boys and Dad. That Jenny had me roaring with laughter. She is so much like her Mama. She gets passionate about her cause. And she don't mind giving people hell
    Love PIC

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