Monday, December 7, 2015

Mama June on child molestation scandal: 'Not enough sorries in the world'

 "Mama" June Shannon joined HuffPost Live to talk about the child molestation scandal that eventually led to the cancellation of her hit reality show "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo."

Shannon expressed regret over her relationship with ex-boyfriend Mark McDaniel, a registered sex offender who molested Shannon's daughter, Anna Cardwell.

"There's not enough sorries in the world that you can tell her, and I've told her that," Shannon said.
"But we have amended our relationship for the most part," she added. "What Anna wants to do is kind of put it back in the closet where it was, and that's what I've agreed to do."

Oh my goodness gracious , Mama June was only  12 -years-old  when she got her  first poke .  Damn  , no wonder  she  is  a  bundle of  nothing ........Nuff sez .....HeHe


  1. Hi Witchy ,
    Some people need to keep a very low profile , such as this trailer trash.
    Honey Boo Boo looks like a 15 or 16 year-old teenager , eye make up , shameful . Honey bear looks like a monkey that is digging in his romp .Mama June looks like the fat pig she is .
    You and Genie posts things I don't see , my daughter bring home all the rag magazines , you ladies mush have a connection , I told Kathy to ask Nee .
    Keep up the good work , you ladies have a fan base in 3 states I know for sure . We are working on more .
    Ardis Whittin

    1. Howdy Ardis ,
      Keep a low profile , she need to stay inside and not make waves . If she was a hog , all a bayou Cajun would want is her head to make hog-head cheese. Hahahaha!
      I agree Boo Boo has on to much makeup , especially on the eyes . We do get lucky sometime and get some good ones .
      A guy I know give us some lowdown from time to time .
      We think you both so very much . Nee said you / Kathy might stop over on your way back from Texas to Florida . Hope you all can work out the details .
      See you later gator