Friday, December 11, 2015

The Roving Reporter : Origin of this 'Crooked Forest' remains a mystery

About 400 trees are bent into a sharply curved J-shape close to the ground only to grow relatively straight up as normal thereafter.
Hence, the area has been named "The Crooked Forest."
Little is known about the trees except they were likely planted in or around 1930 during a period of German occupation and grew as normal for up to ten years.of this 'Crooked Forest' remains a mystery
Some theories which are considered less likely involve wartime activities, gravitational forces, and a heavy snow during the sapling stage.
A relatively strong suspicion is that the phenomenon happened as a result of farmers interfering with the trees' growth in order to use the bent wood to make furniture and other items.
Such curved timbers were also considered strong components of a ship's hull.
The man-made curvature theory could explain why this section of forest is surrounded by trees that appear normal without the J-shape bend.
The reason the small, abnormal grove exists today may be because of an interruption in activities due to WWII.

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  1. No, No, No,
    It's the Jeannie Forest, Every tree is a "J" because I blinked and wished it so. And don't you forget it HB.
    Nice post

  2. Well my Lady you and your partner have to work this one out .
    My grands saw this on the History channel and said it was Nee the Witchy and she waved her wand and made the tree trunks Js. It was probably both of you doing your things . All I can say , ladies stay out the forest .