Thursday, November 28, 2013

Debbie Rowe Gives HARSH Response To Conrad Murry Interview

Michael Jackson's ex-wife , Debbie Rowe responds to Dr. . Conrad Murray recent Daily Mail Interview  where he deemed  the former nurse  as sexually unattractive .

Lets hear it from Witchy :Conrad Murray knew MJ for 2 quick minutes  . I  feel extremely bad for him since he is making  statements  that no one  can verify .

Even if his comments  have validity to them , over the top statements  are not  to be believed . Americans and  people around the world  lived with  all kinds on negative  reports about MJ , but this  is the worse  and most disgusting .

What about the patient , doctor confidentiality . I know Michael is dead  ... but SHEESH !!!

I hope that Conrad Murray believe in KARMA  because when it comes his way , he will recognize it . But hey , that's just me and the way I roll .  He He


  1. Hi Witchy ,
    You got it right about Dr. Conrad Murray , he is grabbing for needles in a haystack trying to make himself look like a stand up man , he should be quiet .

    Karma for Debbie and Conrad will be for them to get together , they both is as ugly as home-made sin .

  2. Howdy Sweetie ,
    I am so tired of people trying to blame some one else for something ...
    Debbie Rowe and Conrad Murray is cute from the same bolt of cloth ... old and out for a quick buck . Hahahaha