Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Paris Jackson : Doing Better But Not of The Woods By a Long Shot "WTF"

Paris Jackson
Born -- April 3 , 1998
Los Angeles , Ca. , U.S.

Michael Jackson's daughter , celbu-spawn.
Was forced by Michael Jackson to wear masks in public so she could have a normal life and be just and be just like the other children who was forced to wear masks by their reclusive pop star fathers who have pet monkeys and amusements parks in their back yards . Was born into the Jackson Dynasty and will likely follow in the footsteps of other incredibly successful Jackson women like Janet and 'uh' ... actually just Janet .

FUN FACT : She will never have to work a day in her life . WAIT , thats not fun , that's depressing as HELL . Sorry about that .

Paris Jackson is doing better as she remains ensconced in a Utah boarding school ... but ot's said shes riddled with so many problems she could be there "for years."
Paris had a family therapy session this morning with Debbie Rowe and Katherine Jackson .
Sources say Paris may get a pass to come home for a few days in January , and Katherine is redoing Paris' room for homecoming .
But the homecoming will be short-lived . Sources say the boarding school will be home for a long time , very possibly "years."

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