Monday, November 18, 2013

Rob Ford Loses it With CNN's Bill Weir (video)

Tornoto mayer Rob Ford lashed out at the media during an explosive interview with CNn's Bill Weir .

Earlier this month , Ford admitted that he smoked crack cocaine in a "drunken stupor" a year ago Since then , the mayor has been making headlines with more surprising comments to the media .

His latest interview with Weir was no exception . When asked why he had decided to come out with the truth now , Ford swore , saying , "I'm not gonna run around and be phony and lie ... I was tired of all these allegations and bullsh*t . Excuse my words . Sorry , I shouldn't swear in front of the kids ."

He also argued that he never lied to the media when asked if he smoked cack cocaine , because he no longer smokes and is not addicted. When Meir accused him of playing with "semantics," Ford got angry .

"Typical media ," he blasted . "You guys are all the same , you're all cut from the same cloth . You can spin it any way you want."

Ford's brother Doug tried to calm Ford down . Later when Weir asked Ford if he has considered visiting an addiction specialist , Ford exclaimed , "I'm not an addict ! You guys can spin it , you can tell me whatever you want."

There is no love lost between Ford and the media : earlier this month , he said that he never lied to the press and that reporters never asked him the "correct questions." Earlier this year , he also blasted the media as a bunch of maggots" after the drug allegations surfaced .


  1. Eventually Rob will stop screaming and yelling and denying but I feel in my bones that we haven't heard the last of him. He has his nose so far up the prime minister's ass. They are fishing buddies. Harper will find another cushy job for him.
    Geez Louise, I hate politicians.

    Lu ya

  2. Hahahaha !!! Ford is a bully , I think you got it right , they are in this together ... of course Harper is going to backed Ford's play , they are doing the same thing .
    Like these 2 guys I got here , they don't do drugs or whores , but they stick together because they steal food hahahaha

    Luv ya