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Lay Leno on Cosby : Why Is It So Hard To Believe' Accusers ?

Jay Leno has spoken out about fellow comedian Bill Cosby.
Variety reports at the National Association of Television Program Executives conference, Leno told the crowd: "I don't know why it's so hard to believe women. You [go to] Saudi Arabia and you need two women to testify against a man. Here you need 25."
Leno gave additional thoughts on how the Cosby story broke, which he said 'was driven by a viral video made by comedian Hannibal Buress,' according to Variety. But bottom line: He's clearly not supporting Cosby. (Video via NBC / "The Tonight Show")

And Cosby is someone Leno had a history with. Mediaite says Cosby was a guest on Leno's "Tonight Show" nearly 20 times over the years.

Just Tuesday night, comedian Larry Wilmore used the second-ever episode of his Comedy Central show to make the same point as Leno:

"Why aren't people listening to these women? ... Is it just because they're women? I would say enough have come forward."
By now, multiple comedians have commented on the allegations - director Judd Apatow has called for the cancellations of Cosby's shows. Others like Cedric the Entertainer and Jerry Seinfeld have been less adamant but used words like "unfortunate" and "incomprehensible" about the situation.
No criminal charges have been filed against Cosby based on these recent claims, though for many, they would be past the statute of limitations.
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Evin Cosby Celebrates The Launch Of pb&Caviar
Sticking together ... Camille Cosby, Evin Cosby and Bill Cosby attend the launch of the pb & Caviar store in NYC in 2008.
A Troubled Relationship
Cosby had a difficult relationship with daughter Erinn, now 48, who struggled with drug abuse. 

A September 2014 biography of Bill Cosby written by Mark Whitaker with the entertainer's cooperation details Erinn's story. According to Cosby: His Life and Times, she developed a drug problem as a teenager and in the middle of her sophomore year at Spelman College, she informed her parents that she intended to drop out. 

According to Whitaker, Cosby and Camille then decided that Erinn "needed to learn to grow up the hard way." 

In a December 1989 interview with the Los Angeles Times, Cosby described his relationship with Erinn at the time as "estranged." 

"She can't come here," he said. "She's not a person you can trust." Erinn was estranged for ten years from the family, until her brother's death. 

"This particular daughter appears to be the only one who is really very selfish," he also said. "She's never held down a job, never kept an apartment for more than six months. She never finishes anything. She uses her boyfriends. She wants the finer things but can't stand anybody's else's dirt, which is important." 

According to Whitaker's book, for the next few years Erinn crashed with friends in New York, spending most of her time partying. One night, she went home from a nightclub with Mike Tyson, who "closed the door and came at her," writes Whitaker. 

According to the book, Erinn escaped and told her parents what had happened. Cosby reportedly "loosed his lawyers on the heavyweight champion," who informed Tyson he would face charges unless he sought psychiatric counseling.  Tyson reneged on the deal and never went to counseling.

Bill Cosby's Children: The Troubles and Tragedy of a Famous Family| Sexual Abuse, Sexual Assault/Rape, Bill Cosby, Ennis Cosby

Bill Cosby and his family on the cover of Ebony magazine in 1977

According to Whitaker, Erinn got treatment for her drug problem. She later moved to Miami Beach, keeping a low profile promoting parties and working in a gift shop. She reconciled with her father only after the Ennis tragedy. 

According to her photography website, Erinn currently lives in Philadelphia and is pursuing a PhD in educational psychology at Temple University. She was the still photographer for the 2013 TV concert special Bill Cosby: Far From Finished. 

Sisters ... Bill Cosby's daughters Erinn and Evin Cosby at the NYC premiere of Good Night
Sisters ... Bill Cosby's daughters Erinn and Evin Cosby at the NYC premiere of Good Night, and Good Luck in 2005. Picture: Getty Images Source: Getty Images
The rape allegations facing Bill Cosby are all the more disturbing when you consider that his own daughter was allegedly raped by Mike Tyson.
In 1992, Cosby’s drug addicted daughter, Erinn, claimed that Tyson once tried to rape her after a night club party in 1989.
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch discussed how Bill Cosby dealt with the accusations in 1995.
It’s not enough for some that Bill Cosby’s daughter, Erinn, has said that Tyson once invited her to his home after meeting her at a nightclub, then knocked her to the floor and tried to rape her. She told her parents, who got an agreement from him to get therapy. Tyson later reneged, but Erinn Cosby had to go through counseling for a year after the experience. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, June 25, 1995)
 Cosby was going to deal with his daughter’s alleged rape by having her alleged rapist go to therapy?

I think  he  was  just trying  to  save  his  image  says  Witchy   HeHe

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