Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Phylicia Rashad aka Clair Huxable : In Defense of Bill Cosby

Phylicia Rashad, the actor who for 12 years played the role of Clair Huxtable, Bill Cosby’s TV sitcom wife, has extended her defence of the troubled star, claiming that the emergence of a slew of sexual assault allegations against him is part of an organised attempt to destroy his legacy.

Rashad lent her support to Cosby on Wednesday night in an interview with US network ABC News in which she accused the media of waging a campaign against him without any proof. “This is not about the women, this is about something else,” she said. “This is about the obliteration of legacy.”
Asked to identify the organisers of such a campaign, Rashad said she wanted to know that herself.

More than 20 women have now alleged that Cosby sexually assaulted them, in some cases allegedly drugging them.
The actor who played Dr Cliff Huxtable’s on-screen wife was first quoted in her co-star’s defence in an article posted on the entertainment website Showbiz411.com. 

Rashad was reported to have told a Showbiz 411 writer: “Forget those women.” But in her interview with ABC News she insisted she had been misquoted. “I am a woman, I am a woman, I would never say such a thing,” she said.
Cosby, through his representatives, has consistently denied the allegations. His lawyer has described several of the claims as “patently false”.

Rashad’s latest intervention in the ongoing storm around Cosby came as he took to the stage in Ontario, Canada for the first of three live performances. The show was expected to be picketed by hundreds of demonstrators.

Earlier on Wednesday, three more women came forward to raise new allegations against him. 

The women were presented by the celebrated Los  Angeles-based lawyer Gloria Allred, who has been calling for a lifting of the statute of limitations that prevents new legal cases being launched against the star on grounds that the alleged incidents occurred too long ago.

Asked by ABC News to respond to allegations that her former TV co-star had drugged women, Rashad replied: “I can never speak to those things, and I don’t want to.”

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