Thursday, January 8, 2015

Your Roving Reporter : Bill Cosby: Protesters Try to Shame Fans at Canadian Concert

Bill Cosby's comedy show in Canada Wednesday night turned into a showdown between people who think he's a serial rapist and others who believe he's being framed.

Protesters taunted fans who showed up for the show, shouting, "You support rape!" Fans fired back that they were skeptical of the belated allegations.

Then things got really weird inside ... before the show started huge pics of Bill and Nelson Mandela loomed in the background.

At the end of the performance, a full house erupted and gave Cosby a standing ovation.
It's like you get 2 shows for the price of one.
Bill Cosby  gets a standing ovation at the Kitchener  Theater  in Canada .

Your Roving Reporter :

Cosby seems  to be playing  to an almost  empty theater  .   Hang in there  Coz , try to  save  the little  respect you have  left .

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