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Dez Duron : What's Next


As a contestant this season on NBC's hit music competition "The Voice," Shreveport's own Dez Duron was chosen  by superstar Christina Aguilera  to be one of her team  who she would mentor  and coach .
Duron made it through  five weeks  of the competition  before being voted off  the program  November 27 . Before leaving leaving the show  , he became a fan  favorite  , not only for his incredible voice but  for his looks  and personality  as well . Throughout his many appearances on the program , Duron demonstrated  the stage presence of a seasonal professional  with a seemingly innate sense of how  to work the audience  and the camera .
Of all his performances  on "The Voice" his favorite was "Can't Take My Eyes Off You." That was passionate  but playful , Duron said . "But every song had a different approach , so every one  was a different  lesson in how to work the stage , he said .
Duron was briefly on the show in its second season  , but to a blind audition  , no judge turned around to choose him , the format of the show  is the four judges  hear the preformers  sing without  actually seeing them . If a judge likes what they hear  and wants to work  with the singer  as a mentor  and coach , they turn their chairs around .
Though nobody got it the first  go round , he was allowed to come back and compete  again in this seasons program . After what happen  the first  time on the show  , when Blake turned his chair around  , it really took the pressure off , said Duron . In the end Duron chose to work  with Aguilera . I had listen to Christina  for years  , Duron said  . I felt stylistically  , we would be a good fit .Seemingly at ease in front of a television  audience  in the millions  , Duron feels like his football  background was a big help ."My time in church  had helped me develop  my singing," Duron said . "And my time in football  helped me learn to deal with pressure ."
Duron had actually been attending  Yale University  and playing football  there , as he had done  all through high school  , when he made the brave decision to focus on his music career . "I think I was fooling myself  for a while  , that I could do both ,he said . "The Voice' gave me the courage  to leave school  , to focus on what I wanted to do  , which is sing."
When I first got here  , I will  admit  I had been a little naive ," Duron said . "However  , I have been fortunate to be surrounded  by helpful  caring people  who are looking out for me . Coming from Shreveport  , I was used to being aroung people with good hearts  , but I have found people here too . I'm certainly not paranoid  , but out here  where the focus  is so much on business , you just have to judge  sometimes  why someone wants to be your friend ."
"Still , I really love living in Los Angeles  ," Duron  said  . "It helps remind me that music is my life .
That was evident  from an early age  as Duron was in a pop group  at the age of 12  with two of his siblings  and had his first manager  by the age of 18 . During the ensuing years  , he performed  in musical theater  and at his famiy's annual Christmas pageant , "Songs of the Season."  Longtime family friend Lauren Ross , who directed Dez  in a number  of theatrical productions  through the years  , thinks he has what it takes to suceed . "He is extremely  hard-working ," said Ross . "And he is so humble  , kindhearted and a gentleman . He is so deserving of the sucess  ,I'm sure  will come his way .Duron has been writing  songs himself  for the past 10 months  , sometimes by himself  and sometimes co-writing  with friends  or other writers  he meets through  business connections .
"My family knows my heart  and they are the type  of supportive  family  that is happy when you are happy . My family has had an influence on my life and career  , Duron said . "Also , the support  from the community  in Shreveport  has been amazing .
"I don't know if there  will be a tour  with this season's contestants ," Duron said . "But I would be up for it  if it happens .
With a background in theater  , one has to wonder  if Duron  has been thinking  about jumping  from music into movies  as so many singers do . "It would be amazing  at some point  to do  some acting ," Duron said . "But for  the time being , I want to focus on my music "Christina really helped me develop a lot more trust  in myself and my instincts . When I struggled  , she kept me lifted up  . We will definitely stay in touch . The best advice she  gave me was to have fun .
Duron knows the music industry is serious business  , but he remains grounded  in a foundation of faith and family  and will certainly take Aguilera's advice and find that time to have fun .
A resident  of Los Angeles  since September  , Duron  has already secured  a contract  with a high profile management  company . Sara Ramaker  of Career  Artist Management  , an affiliate  of Irving Azoff's Front Line Management  Group , will guide Duron's career .
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