Wednesday, December 19, 2012

President Barack Obama : How did Spiderman Get in the White House

Turns out ... Spider-Man is a Republican.

President Barack Obama just posted this pic on his Twitter feed ... showing POTUS goofing around with the son of a White House staffer in the Outer Oval Office just before Halloween.

For the record, this kid did a better job than Andrew Garfield.

Don't care what anyone says, this guy inherited a major problem with our economy and has brought hope to this country. As you can see in this pic, he's a cool azz Pres!
Lets stand together :
This is a very cute picture of our American president. Does not matter if one approves or disapproves on his presidency. That is a very lucky child, not many can say they went to work with mommy or daddy and got to play with a president.

It's sad how this once UNITED country has fallen so far from that. I'm not a democrat, but I'm not above saying they have good ideas and bad ideas just like the republicans. If we stop acting like drones and just voting purely on party stance, and our government can put asides their bull-shit stances this country can be what it use to be ...GREAT. Just because you didn't vote for Obama doesn't make you  some loser or racist (democrats) and just because someone voted for Obama doesn't mark them an idiot or blind to the truth (republicans) Lets try to become the UNITED States  of America once again. By the way the kid just went spidey on the prez, nice picture.

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