Sunday, August 11, 2013

2003 Teen Choice Awards Flashback: Lindsay Lohan + More From 10 Years Ago

The Teen Choice Awards 2013 air on Sunday, but what was happening in young Hollywood a full decade ago?
Let’s take a walk down memory lane… to the 2003 version of the show!
A Freaky Friday-era Lindsay Lohan was there, as were a cuddly Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, fresh and bright-eyed Tara Reid and Paris Hilton, Ryan Seacrest sporting frosted tips, and cast members from the brand-new "The O.C."
It was a magical time.
The cast of 'The O.C,' which premiered three days after the ceremony, posed for photos at the Teen Choice Awards at Universal City, CA.
Ashlee Simpson was nominated for Choice TV Breakout Star for her role on '7th Heaven.'
Queen Latifah gave the peace sign outside the Universal Amphitheater on August 2nd, 2003. She won Choice Movie Actress - Comedy for 'Bringing Down The House.'
'7th Heaven' star David Gallagher at the 2003 Teen Choice Awards.
Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan yuckin' it up onstage to promote 'Freaky Friday.'
Oh, my heart. Jessica Simpson cuddled with now ex-husband Nick Lachey on the red carpet.
Amanda Bynes and Wilmer Valderrama present an award. Cut to August 9th, 2013: Bynes' mother is granted temporary conservatorship over her daughter.
JC Chasez doing his damndest to launch a solo career (as well as earn a spot on someone's worst dressed list) at the 2003 Teen Choice Awards
Hilary Duff won Choice Hottie and Choice Movie Breakout Star ('The Lizzie McGuire Movie') at the 2003 Teen Choice Awards. Why? Because that movie was friggin' amazing.
                                 I...those pants, Jessica Alba.
I started to write a caption for this photo of Dakota Fanning and the late Brittany Murphy, and then I got choked up.
                           Ryan Seacrest sported tips. Frosted tips.
Oh, Tara Reid. Had we known what kinds of twists and turns your career would take in 2003. TARADISE!!!!
Even back in 2003, Paris Hilton was famous for absolutely nothing. Now she's a DJ, spinning in countries who haven't yet deported her back to the states.

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