Monday, August 5, 2013

Simon Cowell Get Me Out of This Divorce!

Simon Cowell is upset ... very upset he's in the middle of what is becoming a bitter divorce between Andrew Silverman and Simon's soon-to-be baby mama Lauren Silverman, and he's pressuring her to settle ... sources with direct knowledge of the situation tell TMZ.

We're told Simon HATES the bad publicity, which he feels is making him look like an underhanded cad. Our sources say Simon has painted a clear picture to Lauren -- the money she'll get from Andrew is minimal because of their prenup, so any significant cash will come from Mr. X Factor himself.

We're told Lauren is nervous and doesn't want to upset Simon, so she's feeling the heat. Her problem -- she and Andrew are at odds over custody of their 7-year-old son, and she feels she may have to give too much in order to end things and appease Simon.

Although both sides have said they want to resolve the divorce amicably for the sake of their kids, we can tell you there's a lot of bad blood on both sides and it's getting really nasty.

Witchy says this s*** is just so boring it makes you want to shed tears :

Well, don't diddle a married woman and you won't have to deal with bad PR. But you've made your name off being a jackass... so let's not pretend you are some Mother Teresa before all this.

Ha ha ha ha ha.. Plenty of single women out there and you go after your friends wife. You get what you deserve. I'm sure she wasn't worth it. Why would anyone want someone who is cheating on someone else. The painting is already on the wall.

Simon should become good friends with former Barreta star Robert Blake. He could get some good advice and pointers in how to end a relationship


  1. Bad girl Witchy!
    I don't think you gave him the best advice..hahaha! Mr Blake is not the best choice of a relationship councilor.

    Simon deserves this. It looks good on him and might make him a bit more humble.

    Luv ya

  2. Hi PIC ,

    Witchy says she calls them like she see them Hahahaha...Mr . Blabe got rid of his problem.

    Simon will never be or learn how to be humble .. he's too full of himself and thinks the world owe him .

    Luv ya