Monday, August 26, 2013

Bieber Paparazzo Death Photog's Mom Sues CHP Cops Killed My Son

The mother of the paparazzo who was struck and killed by a car back in January -- after chasing Justin Bieber's Ferrari -- is suing the California Highway Patrol, claiming it's the cops' fault her son is dead.

Vickie Guerra -- mother of 29-year-old photog Chris Guerra -- claims in her suit a CHP officer abused his authority by ordering Chris to unsafely cross a busy street.

TMZ broke the story ... Chris had been photographing Bieber's white Ferrari while CHP deputies were writing the driver -- Lil Twist -- a ticket for speeding on the 405 Freeway.
In her lawsuit, Vickie claims the CHP officer noticed her son snapping photos and in a threatening manner, gesturing with his gun, the cop ordered Chris to keep his distance by crossing the street.
Vickie says her son obliged and was struck by a car traveling in excess of 40-50mph. Vickie says her son flew over the first car and was immediately run-over by a second car.
Vickie is suing the CHP and the State of California for unspecified damages. She's also suing the driver of the car that hit Chris.

Reps for the CHP had no comment.


  1. So you have this person driving along 100 percent sober and someone walls out in front of their car on a highway ,is it their fault? The driver of that car is just as much a victim as the man killed. The cop could have had a bit more tack. Is their proof he told him to cross the street or back up? Where are the witnesses that say he used his gun to 'ORDER' him across the street in the dark in the middle of a busy highway? Who made him run around in the road to get to the car in the first place? She's grieving and she has no case. Specially not at the innocent driver in all this.
    let's see...
    * he was following the mental midget's car for photos, which wasn't driven by him, but one of his mooching friends.

    * after the cops pulled over the car, he parked on the other side of the highway, then crossed the highway without any cop threatening him all on his own.

    * the cop notices him and tells him to go, all the while he's trying to get photos, and the cop is writing out a ticket for the mental midget's mooch friend.

    * so yet again he goes to cross the highway , only not so lucky as the first time. he is hit by a car as he jaywalks, and then hit by a second car which leads to his death.
    *he's a Darwin award winner, he had been lucky enough to cross the highway the first time, Darwin caught up with him when he went to return to his own vehicle.
    *he had crossed the highway all on his own, to take photos, even before the cop noticed him. so how is this the cop's fault? Or the driver who wasn't speeding, who was innocently driving on the highway, or the second one, when the pap shouldn't have been jaywalking to begin with? The real shocker is him making it across the first time. he was the instrument of his own demise, no one to blame but himself.
    It's a devastating loss of a child to his mother and/or father, even if he was 29 and fully adult he was still her and/or his son. she has my condolences for that, but as for suing? Nope, he did it to himself, and I am sure when he was little she had taught him about crossing roads.
    Just my humble opinion

  2. Howdy Big Boy ,
    Thank you for your input .
    The guy's life wasn't worth Justin Bieber photos. This still is a somewhat sad story.
    Sorry mama but in the end, your son was in the wrong place at the wrong time. No one is to blame here.

    Another example of why they need paparazzi laws. The guys stand in traffic, stand in front of cars with celebs inside so they can't pull out, get their feet ran over for a paycheck, chase cars while speeding to catch a shot, mob stars and their children to where they can't even move. try doing that to normal citizens and what would happen?

    But hey , that's just me and the way I roll.