Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lindsay Lohan : I Never Want to See A Bottle of Booze Again

Lindsay Lohan is fiercely determined to live alcohol free -- and toward that end she's ridding herself of ALL traces of booze ... everywhere she goes.

Lindsay vows to stay clear of the hard stuff and not just in her home. We're told she will make demands that hotel rooms, dressing rooms ... even mama Dina's home is alcohol free when she's present. Good luck on that third one.

Fact is ... so far so good. Lindsay checked in to the Bev Hills Hotel this week and ordered the staff to remove alcohol from her room prior to her arrival.

Lindsay says she'll travel with a sober coach for at least the next week, to make sure she doesn't succumb to temptation. Ditto when she guest hosted "Chelsea Lately" ... she insisted her dressing room be stocked ONLY with non-alcoholic drinks.

To be clear ... we're not vouching for her in the long run. It's strictly one day at a time.

Witchy is keeping an eye on this story:
Am not buying it! What shes trying to do is make people believe she's changed so she can look good in the public eye, behind close doors she will most likely be partying up. Also just because she might keep booze away from her doesn't mean she's not doing other stuff like her coke and adderall. If

Lohan was so serious about being clean she would've extended her stay at rehab and also she wouldn't of been making jokes on national TV just after her stay there saying it was a 'vacation'.

She's pathetic and its about time people gave attention to actresss who want to work and make a name for themselves. She's had her many chances and blew them all.

I don't see why people are even still interested in her she was never a good actress anyway. She was okay as a child actress because she was a child but since she's become an actress her acting is average at best and all her movies have flopped.

Really wanna change Lohan? How about getting out of the public eye and putting your health and recovery first.


Good luck to her, she'll need it.   


  1. Heard it all before Lindsay...Good advice Witchy.
    No one will take her seriously. They will have to see something long term before they believe she is serious. You are right about the rehab. If she was truly interested in reforming her character and recovering her health, she would have stayed in rehab as long as it took.

  2. Thanx ... just calling it as I see it . The girl is a mess.