Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Anderson Cooper Does Drag : Bad Cher Impersonation 'WTF'

Anderson Cooper Kinda Does Drag, Terrible Cher Impersonation:

It seems that no one was more excited to see Cher in NYC last week during Pride than Anderson Cooper, who rushed to pal Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live Thursday evening to chat with the music icon, and show just how big a fan he is to the entire world.

Well, back at work Monday evening to host Anderson 360, Mr. Cooper apologized for geeking out, and his staff decided to make a lovely graphic of Anderson is Cher’s famous Bob Mackie Oscar gown, showing what a pretty drag queen he would be. Oh, and Mr. Cooper also did a little Cher impersonation for everyone and, well, let’s just say it turns out he’s not good at everything.

Take a look above.

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