Thursday, August 8, 2013

Report: Leah Remini Files Missing Persons Report for Scientology Leader's Wife

Leah Remini has reportedly filed a missing persons report with the LAPD regarding the wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige ... this, less than one month after Leah severed ties with the Church.

TMZ spoke with the Los Angeles Police Department which confirmed there is an ongoing investigation into the whereabouts of Shelly Miscavige ... but wouldn't say if Remini has any connection to the case.

But according to the Hollywood Reporter, which cites sources close to the "King of Queens" star, Remini personally filed the report sometime after severing ties with Scientology last month.

According to several reports, Shelly hasn't made a public appearance in six years -- though in 2012, her attorneys issued a statement saying, "Any reports that [Shelly] is missing are false."

So far, no comment from Remini's people. Calls to Scientology have not been returned.

Lets ask our in house expert :
They probably got her locked in cave, sacrificing goats or some sh%^.

Why did it take 6 years for someone to say something about it?

Leah is obviously a good friend. Anyone would be lucky to have a friend like her. She left the church AND filed a report??? She must know something is up.

Good for you Leah! I ALWAYS thought this scientology crap was VERY strange! It ALWAYS sounded ;like a CULT to me! EVERYONE who leaves is ALWAYS put down by the scientologists as if THEY are the ones who are weird/crazy!

Wonder how many OTHER influential people are members of this cult that we do NOT know about! Write that tell all book Leah! It will be NO. 1 on the NY Times best selling list in no time!

Be careful. I am so sorry that you had to spend so much of your life with those crazies.

Damn , I'm beginnig to sound like 'Witchy' .
Just my humble opinion .


  1. Ladies ,

    People who like to impose their own morals values and beliefs to others are worse sometimes than the ones without any type of religion !

    Supposedly, her asking about David's missing wife was the catalyst for her eventually leaving this cult. When she asked where his wife was, she was told she "didn't have the
    $*%@#&^# rank to ask that". And then she was fined--heavily for stepping out of line.

    Scary stuff.

    My opinion & not humble at all

  2. HI Big Boy ,
    I think some people just want to be with the people they think are big-shots .
    Lots of people don't realize that these are just people like everyone else .
    As my daddy used to say ... money don't make the man ... the man makes the man with good values and morals .
    Hey , that's just me and the way I roll .