Monday, January 20, 2014

Brad Pitt : Looking High and Tight : For Fashion Baby

Brad Pitt's enlisted  a military style haircut , but it's not just for a movie role  ... BP now says  there's  another , more vain  reason for the new 'do'.

Pitt cruised into LAX on Sunday  looking like he's headed for basic training  ... sporting  a high and tight fade  ... telling paps , "It's fashion , baby."

Truth it's also shooting  a World War 2 drama  called "Fury" ... but  does  it really matter ?

Witchy says : Look out ladies  , the  proof is in the clip  ...  every hairstyle looks good on  this gloriously handsome bastard ... I'm hot  tonight  .


  1. You're right Witchy, the guy looks good in anything. He'd look good in my bed too.


  2. Thanks Popsicle ,
    When that hunk leave you will on be a little warm water puddle ... boy am I hot .

    Witchy with an attitude