Wednesday, January 29, 2014

John Boehner Is Not Amused By Obama's State Of The Union Speech (VIDEO)

All eyes were on President Obama as he delivered his State of the Union address Tuesday night, including those of House Speaker John Boehner, who sat just behind Obama. Whether he was giving the thumbs up, blowing his nose or just looking like he'd rather be taking Bo Obama for a walk than listening to the president, Boehner's looks were priceless.
For your viewing pleasure, HuffPost Live captured the best of Boehner's reactions. Spoiler alert: it was pretty much downhill after that thumbs up.

Let's hear it from our in-house expert : Mr. Humble ;

It was very telling to see GOPer Boehner not applaud when the President made his remarks about protecting the environment. Guess GOPer Boehner isn't too concerned about what happened to those 300,000 folks in West Virginia whose tap water was contaminated by a chemical spill.

It's a real shame that today's "conservatives" don't actually believe in, you know, conservation and protecting the environment like the former Republican President, Teddy Roosevelt, did. And Teddy also went after the monopolies and robber barons of his time, including the real-life J. P. Morgan. Indeed, combating the root causes of income and wealth disparity is another belief that, unfortunately, today's GOPers have also abandoned.

How can a guy not clap for women's equal pay for equal work, or fixing voter suppression, or the minimum wage increase? He is as much a puppet as Howdy Doody was. Worthless guy with absolutely no accomplishments to show for his contributions to our government. We pay him for nothing.

I find his behavior appalling and embarrassing. He comes across as a pouty and insolent 6 year old.

Also noticed other Republicans on the Floor looking to see if they should applaud.

Republican's were as frustrated as the night the President sealed the election in 2012 in that final interview with Mr. Romney.

This will be a good year, either we get things done in Congress, or the Republican's lose the rest of any influence they have with most voting here in the USA.

It's your choice, but just look at the legislation on abortions passed in the House. Republicans could not derail the ACA, so now they take direct AIM on Women's rights.

The GOPer's own twisted ideology REQUIRES them at this point to behave this way. They have morphed into some strange race of zombies who HAVE to be against most of humanity and the earth, sea, wind, water and space in order to justify their craven ideas of what is right and wrong or to gain power. There is no longer any party thrust or perception of how to present simple dignity for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Profit and overwhelming power is all they respect. The GOPT have turned into the leavings of a pretzel factory. The ones in the trash that are so twisted out of normal shape that they are pitched out. They are easy to perceive at this point. Our chance to do this is in November. Let's get it done.

Just my humble opinion


  1. I still don't completely understand why the "Grand Old Party" is so recalcitrant. They have never been quite so uncooperative with past presidents.
    They stone-wall every decent, well intentioned piece of legislation that comes before them. I can't believe it is all about racism or aggrandizement of the wealthy. What else is driving them ?

    Sincerely, Howdy Doody (I am not a puppet. I am an icon)

  2. It's a number of things , it's a combination of things , racism , wealth m who's in charge , but mostly about race .
    You have to got back and take a look at politics , the Southern Democrats has always been this was , they are just more open now because Obama is black .
    Take a look at Clinton and Kennedy , they both was for the little man .
    Most presidents that was democrats went thru the same thing .
    Most Republicans has the same thing in mind , the rich get richer and damn the poor .

    You have to look at the whole picture and not just the State of the Union Speech ... this shit go way back .

    There sure was a lot of Howdy-Doddies there , they had to watch for their master to pull their stings so they would know when to clap ...Hahahaha!!!
    Boy , I'm hot .