Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cole Vosbury : Shreveport , Louisiana's Own Heading to Music City

By Betsy St. Amant
Being on ‘The Voice’ was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had," Vosbury said. "‘The Voice’ gave me a glimpse of what life in the public eye is like, and I feel like I’m better equipped for it now. I also grew so much as a person I opened up a lot, became a lot more comfortable in my own skin.

One thing is certain, Vosbury knows what it’s like to sing his way to the top, overcoming multiple, intimidating elimination nights and even getting "saved" once by another judge.

But, all good things must eventually come to an end. On Dec. 10, Vosbury was part of a double elimination, nobly leaving the stage alongside fellow contestant James Wolpert. They left behind remaining competitors Tessanne Chin, Jaquie Lee and Will Champlin.

For Vosbury, he said he felt the elimination coming. "You wake up with a gut feeling, and you just know," Vosbury said. "Most of my fellow contestants had the same gut feeling on their elimination day."
Vosbury understandably journeyed through a myriad of emotions that day, also admitting despite the disappointment, there was the silver lining that came in having a week without the constant stress and pressure of the competition.

"I was sad that it was over, though," he said. "I’m still sad that it’s over. I was disappointed, of course, but I was also proud of what I had done on the show."

And proud he should be. Vosbury might have left behind "The Voice," but his loyal fans will always remain a part of him.
Vosbury said he plans to move to Nashville in the immediate future. "I want to start playing shows and putting some songs together. That’s my main focus right now," Vosbury said. Over the next two to three years, Vosbury hopes to be touring, making records and collaborating with the artists and musicians that he admires as well as catering to his fans.

Vosbury’s biggest fan is his mom, Lauri Palmer.

"As a mom, watching my son perform on national television was incredible," Palmer said. "I saw Cole transformed as his confidence increased with each performance. Realizing that millions of viewers were given the opportunity to hear his voice and show him week after week that they love what they hear is an amazing feeling for a mother. My belief that he is a great singer and musician is one thing, but to finally have that affirmation through all the love and support shown to Cole is truly heartwarming."

Palmer said Vosbury began "creating" musical instruments out of random household items at a young age.
"From pots and pans to empty boxes, every surface his hands touched became musical instruments whether it was a flat surface he saw as a piano or an empty gift wrap tube he used as a guitar," Palmer said.
Palmer said it wasn’t easy watching her "baby" perform under pressure.

"What helped me the most during this exciting and exhausting process was being fortunate enough to be a part of his support team and helping him build his fan base," Palmer said. She made sure Vosbury stayed focused and knew she was available if he needed her. But most importantly, she made sure he knew he was loved.

"I made it clear to him that I am proud of him and believe in him no matter the outcome."
For Palmer, one her favorite moments of her son on stage was also one of America’s favorites. "I believe his performance of ‘Adorn’ was his break-out moment," Palmer said. "He walked out on stage without a hat and without a guitar, and it was just Cole and his voice. I believe this moment was when it actually hit me Cole is not only a great singer and musician, he is an entertainer."

While there were many experiences during this exhausting and exhilarating journey that shaped Vosbury and changed him, there are other factors in his life that remain very much the same. "I like to sleep a lot," Vosbury said. "We didn’t always get much sleep in the show, so I’m remembering how nice sleep is."

One funny behind-the-scenes tidbit Vosbury shared about the show was how contestant Preston came up with #voicegraveyard for eliminated contestants to tweet. "We got it trending," Vosbury said. "That was funny!"
Vosbury might have technically lost the competition, but there are treasures that he’ll take home with him that he’ll never lose including his newfound friendships.

"I’ve never been a part of anything like ‘The Voice,’" Vosbury said. "It was like family, so it barely felt like a competition. I love them all dearly. James Wolpert is one the best friends I’ve ever had. And I love Caroline, Matt and Jacquie to death, and Ray, Preston, Josh and Tess … I hope to be able to collaborate with all of them someday."

Vosbury also intends to maintain his friendships with his coaches.

"I hope to keep in touch with Blake Shelton," Vosbury said. "He’s a busy man but I know that I have a lifelong friend in Shelton. He’s already given me some good connections and is really helping me out."

And of course, the fans will always remain a priority for Vosbury. "Now, people actually show up to hear me sing," Vosbury said. "I owe it to God and my time on ‘The Voice.’"

Vosbury is eager to encourage other singers who are considering auditioning for the show one day. "My advice to anyone who wants to try out for ‘The Voice’ is to go for it," Vosbury said. "It’s the most fun experience from the very beginning." He also advises potential contestants to always follow their gut. "Whether it’s picking songs or picking a coach, go with your instincts," Vosbury said. "And be prepared to lose sleep!"

No matter what happens next for Vosbury’s career, he will always have a No. 1 fan at home. "As Cole’s mom, the only accomplishment that I can hope for in the near future is that Cole remain confident in his abilities and continue living his dreams," Palmer said.

"The love and appreciation of music has always been a part of Cole," Palmer said. "I never doubted that Cole would be a gifted musician, but I believe Cole’s voice is his true gift. I’ve witnessed Cole’s voice calm sick children, make grandmothers smile from ear-to-ear and bring grown men to tears. Cole has always had the ability to draw people in and leave them mesmerized."

One of the greatest lessons Vosbury learned during his experience on "The Voice" came from his coach. "Blake Shelton always said to be myself and never worry about what anyone thinks," Vosbury said. He passes along that same advice to others now. "Just be yourself and be comfortable with who you are."

And that is one voice that is impossible to ignore.
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