Monday, January 27, 2014

Justin Bieber : Cleaning house Hanger-on Lil Za No Longer Livining at Troubled Pop Star's Mansion

Justin Bieber  flunky  Lil  Za is no longer a resident at the Canadian singer’s nearby home, after his high-profile arrests this month, has learned.

"Justin’s team is cleaning house," a source told "Liz Za is out and he’s now living at a nearby hotel."
As we previously reported, the rapper, whose real name is Xavier Smith, was was taken into custody in connection with drug possession reportedly Ecstasy and Xanax during a Jan. 15 raid on Bieber’s house in connection with the ongoing egging investigation.

Liz Za has frequently been fingered as a bad influence on the singer by those close to him, spurring the logical conclusion that Bieber, with his recent arrest in Miami, kicked him out, needing to distance himself from the rapper, where presence rankled his neighbors and his manager,Scooter Braun.

Braun has been one of the main forces leading the charge for the "Baby" singer to cut bait on his association with Lil Za, but Bieber hadn't been receptive to the advice until now, it seems.

Bieber remains in Panama, where his problems in the States Have not impacted his popularity with local fans .
Take a look at Lil Za  being towed  away from Bieber's mansion :

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